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and i came here to make you dance tonight

i don't care about my guilty pleasure for you.

awkward with a side of fail
16 October
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SARAH; 17, junior, Singaporean. Is a loser for pretty Korean boys and good music, but enjoys a good book, manga and is pretty much a history nerd all around. Is kind of boring and really unproductive at times due to procrastination, needs to be fixed asap in order not to die a horrible death in school. Likes to roleplay and get into other people's heads. Completely insane for Super Junior and its resident princess diva Kim Heechul because omgwtfbbq how can you not love them?! Flails endlessly over knockout pair (hanchul) ♥ Mostly awkward with a side of fail. Has a kind of ridiculous weakness for pretty, shiny things that have little or no value. Hating on my ships will be met with a punch to the face. Likes to talk in random lyrics and quotes and is clearly a loser/geek but really wouldn't have it any other way.

one part dreamer, two parts writer, three parts fangirl, four parts friendships and priorities. mix all together (shaken, not stirred) and serve.